Since 1961 Deltech has provided compressed air users with a broad range of innovative, problem-solving products to make the user’s air operations safer, more reliable and more economical. Each and every product combines a level of innovation and performance that sets the standard for the next generation of compressed air treatment products.

Refrigerated Air Dryers

  • ES-Series High Capacity Energy Saving: 2500-20000scfm
  • DES-Series High Capacity Energy Saving: 3750-12500cfm
  • DHC-Series High Capacity Energy Saving: 4000-12000cfm
  • HG-HGE Sereis: 10-500scfm
  • HTD-Series High Inlet Temperature: 20-125scfm
  • DES-Series Energy Saving: 90-675scfm
  • HGD & DES Hydrogard Energy Saving: 100-3000scfm

Desiccant Air Dryers

  • WM-Series Pressure Swing Heatless Dryer: 5-25scfm
  • HCS, HCL, & HCT HeatlessDryer: 40-5400scfm
  • RP Series Externally Heated Dryer: 250-3200scfm
  • ZP Series: Blower Purge Dryer: 500-4300scfm
  • HOC Series Heat of Compression Dryer: 3750-10000scfm

Compressed Air Filters

  • 300 Series Compressed Filters: 20-15000scfm
  • DF Series Compressed Air Filters: 20-21250
  • 100 Series Color Change Compressed Air Filter
  • 810 Series Low Pressure Drop Oil Coalascer
  • ME Series: Mist Eliminator

Membrane Technologies

  • DMD Series Membrane Compressed Air Dryer: 0.29-158.3scfm
  • ESM Series Energy Saving Membrane Compressed Air Dryer: o.49-158.3scfm

 Condensate Management

  • CS Series “Polar Extractor” Emulsified Separator
  • OWS Series “Gravity Separator” Demulsible Separator 

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