Hitachi, Ltd., is world renown for its leadership in air compressor design and manufacturing technology. Hitachi‘s breadth of air compressor products range from the smallest rotary and horizontal scroll compressors used in leading edge residential, commercial, and industrial applications to the very largest turbo machinery for applications within the most demanding industrial environments.

DSP Oil Free Rotary Screwxx`x`

  • Class 0: 15-240kw
  • Single Fixed Speed: 15-55kw
  • Single Stage VSD: 22-55kw
  • Two Stage Fix Speed: 22-240kw
  • Two Stage VSD: 37-90kw

SRL Oil Free Scroll Air Compressor

  • SRL Series: 2-7.5hp


Vortex Blowers

  • E-Series: Oil Less High Flow Blowers
  • G-Series: High Pressure Blower

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