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When a tough application calls for a tough air compressor system, Quincy Compressor answers with True Blue reliability and the industry’s strongest warranties. Engineered to last for decades of heavy use and manufactured with durability in mind, Quincy’s lineup offers tough, tougher and ruggedly efficient air compressors supported by an assortment of control, accessory and air treatment options.

Rotary Screw Air Compressors

  • QGS Series: 5-100hp
  • QGD Series: 20-50hp
  • QSB/T Series: 10-50hp belt drive
  • QSF Sereis: 50-150hp gear drive
  • QGV Series: 20-200hp direct drive
  • QSI Series: 20-350hp
  • QSLP Series: Low pressure 100-200hp

 Reciprocating Air Compressors

  • QR-25 Series: 1-25hp Pressure Lubricated
  • QP Series: 3-15hp Pressure Lubricated
  • QT Sereis: 5-15hp Splash Lubricated
  • QRDS Series: 2-20hp Oil-Less Reciprocating
  • QRDT Series: 5-30hp Oil-Less Reciprocating
  • Climate Control: 0.5-20hp Piston Reciprocating
  • Air Master: 2 & 3.5hp Piston Reciprocating

Refrigerated Dryers

  • QPNC Non-Cycling Dryers: 10-4000cfm
  • QED & QPCD Cycling Dryers: 10-4000cfm
  • QRHT Compact High Temperature Dryers: 25-125cfm

Desiccant Dryer

  • QDTH & QHD Heatless Dryers: 100-3400cfm
  • QDHP Heated Purge Dryers: 100-3100cfm
  • QDBP  Blower Purge Dryers: 300-3400cfm
  • QMOD Heatless Modular Dryer: 8-365cfm

 Air Filtration

  • Standard Filters: Threaded, Flanged, CSNT Cross Section
  • High Pressure Filters: 28-3000cfm
  • Mist Eliminators: 250-15,000cfm
  • Preferred Elements

Condensate Management

  • Q-Mat: Electronic No-Loss Drains
  • QDD: Pnuematic No-Loss Drains
  • ETD: Timers
  • QCS: Condensate Purifiers 100-1600cfm

Natural Gas Compressors 

  • QSG Series: Rotary Screw, up to 600hp
  • QRNG Series: Reciprocating 2-34hp

Vacuum Pumps

  • QV Series: 19-180acfm
  • QSVB Series: 155-371acfm
  • QSV Series: 365-555acfm
  • QSVI Series: 365-3000acfm
  • QVMS Sereis: 8-378acfm

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