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Sullair 4500P S-energy® Air Compressor

Sullair 4500P S-energy®
Variable Speed Lubricated Rotary Screw Air Compressor

S-energy® compressors offer Sullair reliability in the most compact, most robust, most maintenance-friendly and quietest compressor package available on the market.

Multiple features of the S-energy® Series revolutionize the compressor’s serviceability and provide for a cleaner, safer work environment and cost effective compressor. Standard maintenance can all be performed from one side.


  • *60 hp (45 kW)
  • *Capacities from 233 to 303 acfm (6.60 to 8.85 m3/min)
  • *Pressures from 100 to 150 psig (6.9 to 10.3 bar)
  • *High efficiency, low-noise fan helps reduce the machine’s noise level to 72 dBA
  • *LStandard maintenance can all be performed from one side
  • *Fully-sealed environmental protection pan contains fluid should any drips occur while servicing
  • *Choice of three long-life fluids and long-term warranties

  • *Air-cooled
  • *Low restriction inlet valve for better cfm performance
  • *Low life cycle costs including longlife bearings, rotors, and consumable parts
  • *Less than 1 ppm fluid carryover
  • *Excellent motor cooling design characteristics for longer motor life
  • *Sequencing standard
  • *NEMA 12 standard
  • *WS microprocessor standard
  • *Smallest footprint in its class
  • *Quietest in its class, as low as 69 dBA
  • *12 unique serviceability features
  • *Environmental, health, and safety design features
  • *Sullube™—8000-hour, non-varnishing, biodegradable compressor fluid
  • *Optimalair™ air filter provides 10 times better filtration than other filters
  • *Sullair’s Ultra Emerald five-year warranty

  • *24KT™ ten-year air end warranty
  • *Water-cooled
  • *Cold weather package
  • *Weather hood
  • *Total package filtration
  • *Other motors and starters
  • *Heat recovery
  • *Integral dryer

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