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Sullair 750 Tier 4 Portable Air Compressor

Sullair 750  125psi
Interim Tier 4 CAT-Powered Rotary Screw Air Compressor


The Sullair 750 rotary screw portable air compressor delivers 750 cfm at 125 psig or 21.2 m3/min at 8.5 bar. Unit is designed for reliability and total accessibility. The compressor is powered by an interim Tier 4 emissions compliant Caterpillar engine. Mounting option is a tandem axle. Other features include hydraulic cooling control, integral fork pockets, external fuel fill with remote fuel connections, and modular running gear.

Compared to Tier 3 models, the 750 interim Tier 4 offers improved fuel consumption, and fuel savings are multiplied in cool ambient conditions due to an innovative variable speed hydraulic driven cooling fan. It also offers improved air quality due to significant decreases in engine exhaust particulate matter and nitrogen oxides.


  • 750 cfm (21.2 m3/min, 353 l/s)
  • 125 psig (8.5 bar)
  • Available mounting options: skid mount
  • Available engines: interim Tier 4 Caterpillar 300 hp (224 kW)

  • Rotary screw compressor
  • Two-stage dry-type filters
  • Complete fluid containment
  • Cold box design
  • Hydraulic cooling control—significant fuel savings in cool ambient conditions
  • No stacked coolers—allow for easy cleaning
  • Fuel cooler standard
  • External fuel fill with remote fuel connections
  • Integral fork pockets
  • Controls at cool end of package
  • Additional 3/4″ discharge valves
  • Strobe light and siren—provides visual and audible alerts for warning conditions
  • Integral ether starting aid
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Modular running gear—trailer can be easily unbolted and compressor can be placed on flatbed trailer with other equipment
  • AWF™ compressor fluid

  • Aftercooler
  • Filtration for instrument quality air
  • Engine block heater
  • Spark arrestor muffler

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