Sullair is a major manufacturer of commercial and industrial rotary screw air compressor systems for both and portable air applications. Whether you need to have permanent quality or critical air or gas compression for your facilities, or you have a short or long term project that requires your air compression system to move when you do. Sullair manufacturers the robust and reliable compression units that are supported by complete system of support products and genuine high-quality aftermarket products.

Portable Compressors

100psi | 150psi | 200psi

  • Sullair Portable Compressors: 550-750cfm

125psi | 150psi | 175psi | 200psi | 250psi | 500psi

  • Sullair Portable Compressors: 826-1150cfm

100psi | 125psi | 150psi | 350psi | 500psi

  • Sullair Portable Compressors: 1300-1600cfm

100psi | 150psi | 175psi | 200psi


  • VS-10 Rotary Screw Vacuum: 5-15hp (4 to 11kw)
  • VS-12 Rotary Screw Vacuum: 15-20hp (11 to 15kw)
  • VS-16 Rotary Screw Vacuum: 30-50hp (22 to 37kw)
  • VS-20 Rotary Screw Vacuum: 60-75hp (45-55kw)
  • VS-25 Rotary Screw Vacuum: 75-100hp (55-75kw)
  • VS-32 Rotary Screw Vacuum: 125-200hp (93-149kw)

Desiccant Dryers

  • Desiccant Modular Dryers: 3-240acfm
  • Desiccant Heatless/Heated Dryers: 80-5,000acfm
  • Desiccant Blower Purge Dryers: 200-3,500acfm
  • Desiccant Blower Purge Dryers: 500-10,000acfm

Refrigerated Dryer

  • RN Refrigerated Non-Cycling: 5-325scfm
  • RD Refrigerated Digital Cycling: 400-6,000scfm
  • RC Refrigerated Cycling:150-3,000scfm
  • RH Refrigerated High Temperature: 15-100scfm

Air Management & Accessories

  • SPF / SFE Flow Controllers
  • Oil-Water Separators
  • Drains
  • Silencers

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