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Altitude Correction Calculator (PDF)

Enter standard conditions, site conditions (including altitude), and the specified SCFM to get the required ACFM for the site conditions and equivalent SCFM. 



Energy Efficiency Systems Energy Savings Calculator (Excel)

Enter information about your energy efficiency system, including compressor information and energy costs to get recoverable BTUs and energy savings. 



FlowLogic Air Receiver Sizing Calculator (Excel)

Enter capcacity, pressure, and flow information to get your recommeneded receiver size, or entry receiver size, capacity, pressure, and flow information to get your useable stored air and the total stored capacity your system can support.



FlowLogic Annual Energy Savings Estimator (Excel)

Enter capacity, pressure, demand, energy, and operating information, and a FlowLogic controller set point to get your operating costs with and without FlowLogic and your annual savings.



Fluid Carryover Calculator (PDF)

Enter compressor air flow, environment, operating, and fluid information to get the cost of fluid passed downstream.


Plant Volume Calculator (PDF)

Enter present plant capacity, present pressure, required pressure, and desired laod factor to get required capcity and current shortfall.


Power Cost Formula (PDF)

Enter BHP, hours of operation, power cost, and motor efficiency to get the conversion factor and total power cost.


Pressure Loss in Pipes Calculator (PDF)

Enter flow, pressure, and pipe information to get pressure loss. 


Separator/Cost Calculator (PDF)

Enter compressor, fluid/separator, and energy information to get total annual operating cost. 


Tip Speed Calculator (PDF)

Enter male rotor diameter, motor speed, and rive ratio to get the male rotor speed and tip speed. column 2 content


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